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polop26 It is thanks to Bryan that i was able to raise my A math grade from D7to A2, and E Math from C6 to A1for my O levels. He is a very dedicated teacher who always answers my questions at anytime. He even replied my whatsapp messages at 1 am. The material he provides is very useful, such as tailor-made cheat sheets and question papers. Thanks Bryan, could never have done it without your help!


branbrann Was under bryan's coaching for about 2 years since sec 3 and during sec 4 I got both of my friends to join me. With bryan's guidance and support I managed to achieve both distinctions for both my math. His group tuition classes was very fun and engaging and at the same time it was very useful. His lessons were fun but yet intensive as he dives into concepts and drills the 3 of us with loads of practices which inevitably led to our improvement. I'll definitely recommend bryan's coaching!

I'm happy for the 3 of you to have made it thus far and made such significant improvement in your grades over the course of 2 years. All the best in JC!


nithiyah_02 I looked forward to lessons because I never really grasped concepts easily. Bryan gave me a Cheat Sheet that was concise therfore giving me a clearer idea of each chapter. The lessons were tailored to my learning style. As someone who has been consistently failing additional mathematics, getting a C5 for O levels under Bryan's coaching was a great accompllishemnt. Bryan has always been patient teaching me and that has definitely resulted in my improvement. 

Improving 4 grades in about 5months is amazing and I'm extremely proud of you ! All the best from here on nithiyah :) it's a pleasure coaching you!

Specialises in Coaching A/E Maths / Econs •Small group/One-to-one PROFILE: • Educator since 2016 • 4 yrs of Coaching Experience • NUS Economics Major • Distinction for O/A level A/E Maths • Students >70% distinction • Coached >50 students

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