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New and Used Video Games and Game Consoles for Sale in Singapore

Video games and gaming consoles are some of the favourite gadgets for a teenager or even an adult who is into gaming. While people like to buy upgraded versions of a video game, gaming consoles are something that can be bought pre-owned, given that they are more affordable than brand-new gaming consoles. This will not help in saving some bucks, but it will also help in reducing electronic waste generation, which is a threat to the environment. Thus, Carousell came up with the idea of offering a platform for buyers and sellers to deal in pre-owned products, which gives a fair chance to sellers to find customers for their products while the buyers can get the benefit of finding authentic sellers for their desired products.

Carousell brought the sale of brand-new products and that of the pre-owned together so that there is a common platform to buy or sell any type of product. There are many electronics and gadgets available for customers to buy on Carousell. Video games and gaming consoles are available in both categories. If we talk about the prices, then there is no fixed price as the price may change with a change in brand, the years of use, the market value of the game, and the desire of the manufacturing company. The most popular products in this category include Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, along with a wide range of accessories and games also being available.

Not only video games and gaming consoles but there are many video gaming accessories available on Carousell which a buyer can purchase as per their need. Buying at Carousell is very easy; all you need to do is scroll and search for the most suitable item, followed by reading all the information provided regarding the product, choosing the options required, and then making the transaction. All the information regarding the product, the manufacturing company, the material used to build it, the warranty period, the expected durability, the origin country, the protection policy, and so on.

While buying pre-owned products, there are chances that you might wish to ask a few questions to the seller before making the final transaction; for this sole purpose, there is a chat window available. There are also spaces provided for the sellers to share their contact information, using which buyers might contact them and ask their questions.

Carousell provides its users with the best interface possible along with rules and regulations which are required to be followed by the sellers as well as the buyers. Inability to comply with these rules and regulations can lead to the user account being blocked; this ensures the safety of the customers from frauds and threats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to keep in mind while buying used products from Carousell?

While keeping your needs and requirements is the first thing to keep in mind, the most important thing is to get your apprehensions resolved before making the purchase. Making sure that you read all the information regarding the product is also mandatory, make sure that you have read all the instructions and descriptions regarding the product with open eyes.

Is Carousell the right place to buy used goods?

Yes, Carousell is a safe platform to buy both used and new goods. Carousell has rules and regulations to protect both the consumer and the seller from fraud and incompatible products. They are also safe as they are registered and licensed businesses making it all the more trustable source. Plus, they verify the papers before they let a seller put up their product for sale.

Is meeting the seller possible through Carousell?

Yes, if the sellers have given their contact information, then you can talk to them on the phone and so on while not just being restricted to the chatting window. If you have questions and doubts that you want to resolve before making the purchase, you can talk to the seller; if the seller is comfortable, you can even opt for hand-to-hand delivery.

Can we ask for a refund?

Yes, a refund is possible, but only when the transaction is made using the protection policy. Also, there are certain situations and circumstances under which one can ask for a refund; these can be read on the website.

What are the prices for video games on Carousell?

The prices of any item are subject to change with a change in brand and model. If we talk about a video game, the prices will be dependent on the version of the game, the newness and the quality of graphics, and the level of demand in the market. But to give an idea we can say that a brand-new video game might cost S$ 30, which is again dependent on the version and the demand of the game in the market.

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