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synapse_x Very professional and detail. Highly recommended


elizabethpickup Larry has provided support and guidance for both my company and personal tax issues. His great skill, as well as accountancy, is in making the whole financial and taxation process accessible to people like me, with no accounting experience or real understanding. Larry has been able to explain and guide me through the process in layman's term and in a way which makes sense. He is professional, thorough, patient, responsive and very customer focussed. I would highly recommend Larry.


susab Larry is professional and is able to fulfill all my requirements in our meeting. he is patient, knowledgeable, experienced and listens carefully to my queries. Provided guidance and helped to ease my concerns. i am impressive with his professional manner and the confidence he exudes.

Qualified & Experienced Book-keeping, Accounting and Tax Services Office in Bishan Glowhub Pte Ltd +65 96831450 Glowhub is proud to be a Xero partner.

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