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kirosky My second time buying from the website. The shipping will take about 2 weekd as the item is from Europe. However, seller is extremely friendly and helpful in expediting the delivery. Will buy again soon!


sports_garage Very responsible and patient seller. Ordered wrong size for my shoes and seller came to my place to collect the item. He had also answered to all my queries and the responses were very fast, almost immediate. Items were genuine and in good condition. Recommended!


mamapapajump Everything was perfect. Seller was extremely helpful and patient with my multiple questions, and tried their best to find the most economical way for me to make my online purchase. They are very passionate about the products they carry and are always happy to give suggestions according to your travel needs. Be assured that more often than not, their prices are the best compared against others!!!!!

Obersports offers the widest range of sports apparel, equipment for hiking, climbing, skiing, cycling, diving, snorkelling, swimming, mountaineering, tennis, squash, triathlon, motorcycling... More than 1500 brands, 300,000 products to choose...
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