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Goodyear F1A5


South East Tyre Co


Meetup · Carousell Protection



🔥🔥 Receive ✨$50 or $100✨ NTUC vouchers when you buy a set of 4 tyres or spend above $500/$800 for your tyre purchase! 📌 Only valid for CarouPay transactions 📌 Find out how to REDEEM your vouchers here👇 🔥🔥 EMPOWER YOUR DRIVE Goodyear’s ultimate all-rounder: New Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 combines luxurious comfort with superior wet braking and dry handling performance. Designed with Active Braking Technology that delivers shorter braking distance on wet and dry road Excellent handling performance on dry roads with Power Cushion Technology A quieter and more comfortable ride vs its predecessor Available in the following sizes: 205/40R17 84W 205/45R17 88V 205/45R17 88W 205/45R17 88Y 205/50R17 93Y 215/40R17 87Y 215/45R17 87Y 215/45R17 91Y 225/45R17 91Y 225/45R17 94Y 225/50R17 94Y 225/50R17 98Y 225/55R17 97Y 235/45R17 94Y 235/45R17 97Y 235/55R17 103Y 235/55R17 99H 245/40R17 91Y 245/40R17 95Y 245/45R17 95Y 245/45R17 99Y 245/55R17 106H 215/50R18 92W 225/35R18 87W 225/40R18 92Y 225/45R18 91Y 225/45R18 95Y 225/50R18 95W 225/60R18 104Y 235/40R18 95Y 235/45R18 98Y 235/50R18 101H 235/50R18 101Y 235/55R18 100V 245/35R18 92Y 245/40R18 93Y 245/40R18 97Y 245/45R18 100Y 255/35R18 94Y 255/45R18 103Y 255/45R18 99Y 265/35R18 97Y 275/35R18 99Y 225/35R19 88Y 225/40R19 93Y 225/45R19 96W 235/35R19 91Y 235/40R19 96Y 235/45R19 99H 245/35R19 93Y 245/40R19 94W 245/40R19 98Y 245/45R19 102Y 255/30R19 91Y 255/35R19 96Y 255/40R19 100Y 275/35R19 100Y 285/30R19 98Y 235/45R20 100W 255/30R20 92Y 255/40R20 101Y 265/30R20 94Y 265/35R20 99Y 285/30R20 99Y 295/35R20 105Y 245/30R21 91Y 245/35R21 96Y 255/40R21 102Y 255/30ZR21 93Y 265/40R21 105Y 285/35R21 105Y 295/25R21 96Y 265/40R22 106Y 315/30R22 107Y

3 months ago In Tyres & Rims

Carousell Protection

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2019 Nov

great seller, fast communication, not pushy, have patient to explain to you. unlike k**h** tyre push u by fear and keep asking u to do alignment. most important is great price n service. will definitely deal with them and recommend my friend. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼