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LF: Parcel Receiving Service!





Status: Open! Hello there, I'm Shi Wei and I'm currently a JC student. I love to shop online but this is a problem because 1) there is always nobody at home 2) I am too broke for a PO box at Singpost. So I'm looking for a person willing to help receive parcels and meetup later to pass them to me! (Here's the fun part, I'm paying you a commission for every parcel you help me receive!) Small Parcel (<1.5kg) = $2-$4 Medium Parcel (1.5kg to 5kg)= $5-$9 Big Parcel (>5kg) = $10++++ (These prices are just a guide. If I order something even bigger (eg. 10kg+) I might even pay you $20 or more~) *These values refer to the volumetric weights of the parcel I receive from the shipping company not the actual weight (so you can estimate how big it'll be) Items that will probably be inside: -Music Stuff (Vinyl Records, CDs, Cassettes, Band Merch) -Clothes, Shoes & Accessories -Weaboo Crap (eg. anime figures, cosplay) -Makeup -Art Materials (brushes, special paper, pencils) -Video Games -Printed Papers (books, comics, art zines, art prints, magazines) //just regular girl stuff, nothing illegal, nothing dangerous// Job Conditions: -Able to meet to my convenience! (Buangkok, Dhoby Ghaut MRTs, usually on weekday evenings can be discussed) -Trustable (~100% good reviews on Carousell) -Preferably a girl (but if you're a dude PM me anyway you can take your chances) -Comfortable with letting me know your postal address (so I know where to send the parcel!) -Comfortable with letting me know your number so we can communicate via Whatsapp (we'll be using Whatsapp to communicate because it's easier to keep track of chat logs and pictures there and it's overall more reliable than Carousell chat) Description of Job 1) I'll PM you to tell you when I've ordered a parcel and briefly describe what is inside. ** sometimes I will have to give you specific instructions for the parcel (eg. store in a certain way, it's fragile etc.) 2) We negotiate a reasonable price that I will pay you later in exchange for your services. 3) Parcel arrives at your place, you receive it on my behalf and send a pic of it to show that it has arrived 3) Meetup to pass me the parcel and I'll pay you then. To be honest, this is really an easy way of earning money because you don't have to do much. You just have to meetup with me and BAM you get cash. Great if you're a student in need of cash! Tags lf easy money job part time parcel receiver mail receiver retrievement fast cash student no qualifications quick cash

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buyer was super nice and friendly throughout the entire chat and transaction :) even made the effort to come to my block for collection of item. came to my convenient timing and location! the whole transaction was very pleasant and smooth!