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Looking for Investors (Crowdfunding)


서울특별시 (Seoul)



Are you looking for an investment to grow your money without the risk of losing it? Congratulations! You’ve found the right way and the right company! COMTECH PAL A Web Hosting Provider You Can Trust 1. INVEST your money to Comtech Pal for its South Korea business expansion and operation. 2. EARN flat rate interest monthly to be deposited directly in your registered bank at the end of every month. 3. COLLECT your Principal at the end of your investment contract. INVESTMENT: $5,000 @6% INTEREST: $300 INVESTMENT: $10,000 @18% INTEREST: $1,800 INVESTMENT: $50,000 @36% INTEREST: $18,000 INVESTMENT: $100,000 @60% INTEREST: $60,000 INVESTMENT: $500,000 @144% INTEREST: $720,000 All investors will have a chance to attend the investor’s meeting and socialize with the other investors. But we also value your privacy so if you opt to be unanimous during your investment contract with us, we can do so as well. BRONZE INVESTOR INVESTMENT: 100 - 9,999 INTEREST: 2% paid monthly LOCK IN: 3 months SILVER INVESTOR INVESTMENT: 10,000 - 49,999 INTEREST: 3% paid monthly LOCK IN: 6 months GOLD INVESTOR INVESTMENT: 50,000- 99,999 INTEREST: 4% paid monthly LOCK IN: 9 months PLATINUM INVESTOR INVESTMENT: 100,000 - 499,999 INTEREST: 5% paid monthly LOCK IN: 12 months DIAMOND INVESTOR INVESTMENT: 500,000 and up INTEREST: 6% paid monthly LOCK IN: 24 months Your investment will be use for the business expansion and operation of Comtech Pal in South Korea and will be fully guaranteed by Comtech Pal. WELCOME SERIOUS INVESTORS! HIGH INTEREST RATES! PM US FOR MORE DETAILS! SAMPLE INVESTMENT COMPUTATION MR. TAN (SILVER INVESTOR) TOTAL INVESTMENT: $20,000.00 LOCKIN PERIOD: 6 MONTHS MONTHLY INTEREST: $600.00 INTEREST EARN IN 6 MONTHS: $3,600.00

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