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Lucky Engineering, World Top 2, are a proudly leading manufacturer of sushi, rice, maki, and many other food machines in R.O. Korea



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6 years ago

Greetings from Korea! Hope your business plan for this year goes well. I am here to suggest a brilliant sushi business idea to you! This is Eunbi Kim and I am a sales and marketing executive of Lucky Eng Co.,Ltd. We, Lucky Engineering, World Top 2, are a proudly leading manufacturer of sushi, rice, maki, and many other food machines in R.O. Korea and particularly we are specialized in manufacturing Sushi or Maki machines 'All in One Package (Sushi or Maki Roll, Sushi Topping, Sushi or Maki Cutter, Sushi Film Wrapping, Rice Cooker, Rice Mixer, etc)'. We are an ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / Certified with R&D center / Utility Model Registration company and our Sushi or Maki machines comply with Regulation (EU) and other Machinery Certificates. Our company has been supplying high quality sushi machines with a complete understanding to our customer's needs, very reasonable price, and excellent customer service. Based on over 25 years of experience and knowledge in this field, we offer hygienic highest quality Sushi and Maki machines for food applications such as: •(1). ​Premium Sushi Machine​ (Model Name: LSR-370 A Type, LSR-370 B Type, and LSR-370 C Type - WORLD'S FIRST Airy Shari Style) •(2). High-Quality Sushi Machine (Model Name: LSR-350) •​(3). Sushi Machine​ (Model Name: LS-303) •(4). Topping Sushi/Topping Rice Ball Machine (​Model Name: LSR-380 Type and LSR-380 D Type - NEW, WORLD'S FIRST!)​ •​(5). Automatic Wrapping Sushi Machine​ (Model Name: LWR-250) •(6). Automatic Wrapping Topping Sushi/Rice Ball Wrapping Machine (Model Name: LWR-260) •(7). Sushi Wrapping Machine (Model Name: LW-202) •(8). Sushi Rice Mixer (Model Name: LM-500) •(​9). Sushi Roll/California Roll Machine (Model Name: LCR-700 Sheet Type and LCR-700 Roll Type)​ •​(10). High-Quality Sushi Roll Cutter​ (Model Name: LCC-105) •(11). Rice ​Noodle Machine​ (Model Name: LEC-800) •(12). Rice Cooker(Model Name: KCJ-55A) •(13). Sushi/Rice Cake OPP Top Quality Wrapping Packaging Films (Model Name: ​​Sushi Film and One-Touch Sushi Film) Up to date, we are endlessly developing and manufacturing our Sushi/ Maki Machines for the best! We currently supply our products to Europe, North and South America, and Asian customers. You may visit our website to see more details about our customers and products at Moreover, we have attached some of our famous machines URL video links for your reference. We can always send more of our catalogs or brochures for your interest. If you would like to check the operation of each model, please click the links as follows. ​​ - Sushi Roll/California LCR-700 Roll Type : - Sushi Roll/California LCR-700 Sheet Type : ​ Please check the video clip below for LSR-380 as well.​ Therefore, please ask for our latest catalog issued this month for your interest by sending me a message, allow us to know any of our products you want to learn more about and we will get back to assist you immediately. Any questions, please do note hesitate to message me here. Thank you so much! Best regards, (Ms.) Eunbi Kim Executive of International Sales and Marketing Department Lucky Eng Co.,Ltd. #B-223 Samsong Techno Valley, 140 Tongil-Ro, Deogyang-Gu, Goyang-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 10594, South Korea ​Tel: 82.2.383.7501 ​ ​Fax: 82.2.2219.3332


Please share your preferred location or at our company at Samsong TechnoValley, B-223, 140 Tongil-Ro, Deogyang-Gu, Goyang-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 10594, Republic of Korea


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Yes, additional 500 USD via FedEx, DHL, and etc or depending on your preferred shipping way.

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