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Meridian Therapy for Chronic Headache/ Frozen shoulder/ Stroke and many others



Explore Ancient TCM Meridian Therapy (经络疗法) Life is all about Chi and Chi is vitality and life force. When a person body is fill with Chi, it's life force is strong and disease is hard to strike him/her but as we get older, our Chi energy will declined and dwindle and corresponding illness will then attack us. When Chi becomes weak, the meridian in the body that carries Chi will become clogged and then we will start to become bloated, swollen and all of pains in the body will appear because of the blocks. Think of our Singapore canals if it is being block by rubbish, it will stop water from running through and causes a flood. The flood causes swollen and pain in the body. If left untreated, it will become worst and then it will develop into something else. If you are experiencing the following: 1. Chronic headaches 2. Neck pain eg. Whiplash 3. Shoulder Pain (Frozen shoulder) 4. Backpain eg. Sciatica 5. Indigestion 6. Bloatedness 7. Water retention 8. Leg cramps 9. Joint pains 10. Chronic pain anywhere in the body. 11. Slimming thru acupoints stimulation 12. Firming and slimming of facial skin 13. Eye strain destress (caused by continuous usage of watching PC monitor and mobile phone. Acute and continue eye strain can cause degradation of eye sight) 14. Carpal tunnel syndrome 15. Stroke paralysis (To assist in maintaining the Chi circulation in the body, especially the meridian that dispel waste. If this meridian is clogged, a lot of other health problems will come) 16. Eczema 17. Sports injury 18. Effective Body Detoxification (Stale Chi flow in the body will create a toxic body where bodily waste cannot be effectively carried away ) 19. Many others (Pls inquiry with us about your problems) 20. Swollen legs The techniques works on the same principle as acupuncture but just without the needles. It involves massaging the meridian (经络) and the acu points (穴道) to achieve the treatment effect. It is effective as it works on the root of the problem. The techniques itself is as old as the Chinese civilisation and it's propagated in the Medicinal book of Huang Di which gave rise to today's TCM. I'm also able to do in Yuan Shi Dian (原始点) if you need. We are offering a home service to your place to do the massage at your convenience. This is purely an out call service. Charges is as follow: 40 mins session - $60 60 mins session - $80 90 mins session - $120 120 mins session - $160 We will bring our own equipment to your place as shown in the photo. Depending on the treatment, a bed may be required. Tag: Tuina\ Chinese TCM massage\ Accupressure Therapy\ Meridian Therapy\ Yuan Shi Dian (原始点). We have female and male therapist. For female therapist, pls message or whatsapp to 88195729. The Female Therapist will only service female clients only. For male therapist, pls whatsapp or msg to 8856 7761. FOR QUICKER RESPONSE, pls sms or whatsapp. This is purely a therapy session, no other types of services will be provided. Do try us out and you will feel the difference with a meridian massage therapy as compared to a muscle or deep tissue therapy.

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2019 Dec

Great member to deal. Reliable and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended to deal with again. Thanks!!!